Wind Mitigation

House wind mitigation

Wind Mitigation

Protect your home from wind and storms by evaluating your home with wind mitigation inspections

What is Wind Mitigation?

Wind Mitigation is an evaluation process designed to assess the resilience of a home against strong winds, hurricanes, and storms. By identifying vulnerable areas and recommending improvements, this assessment aims to reduce the risk of costly damages, ensuring enhanced protection for your property during adverse weather events.

Key Categories For Wind Mitigation Inspections

When conducting wind mitigation inspections, a thorough assessment of various vital categories is essential to gauge a property’s ability to withstand strong winds and hurricanes. Our inspection process covers the following key categories:
Wind Mitigation Inspection Diagram

Roof Covering

Our team inspects the roof material and its condition thoroughly, ensuring it can resist wind damage. We also verify if there are any impact-resistant windows installed on the roof for added protection.

Roof Geometry

The shape and design of the roof play a vital role in its wind resistance. Our inspection takes into account how various roof styles, including those with impact-resistant windows, perform in high-wind areas.

Secondary Water Resistance

We assess the presence of an extra layer of protection under the roof covering for storm damage. This extends to basement and crawlspace inspection to prevent water intrusion.

Opening Protection

House openings, such as windows and doors, are assessed for their strength and integrity. We ensure that impact-resistant windows are in place to minimize wind-borne debris damage.

Reinforced Garage Doors

Garages are often vulnerable during strong winds, so we examine the garage door’s strength and reinforce it if necessary.

Wind-Resistant Exterior Walls

Our inspection covers the materials and construction of exterior walls, including basement and crawlspace areas, to ensure they can endure wind forces.

Wind-Resistant Attachments

We also evaluate other features like awnings, canopies, and carports, checking if they are securely anchored and if impact-resistant windows are installed in these structures.

Wind Mitigation Benefits

Wind mitigation inspections provide homeowners in wind-prone regions with valuable insights to fortify their properties against strong winds and hurricanes. The benefits of these inspections include:

Enhanced Safety

Identify vulnerabilities, reinforce home, and reduce structural risk during severe weather.

Cost Savings

Qualify for insurance discounts and credits by implementing recommended improvements.

Insurance Qualification

Meet insurance carrier requirements for comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.

Peace of Mind

Gain confidence and security, knowing the property has been evaluated by experts.

Resale Value

Attract potential buyers with a documented report of a wind-resistant home.

Customized Recommendations

Focus on relevant improvements tailored to the property’s specific characteristics.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure adherence to building codes and local requirements, avoiding potential penalties.

wind mitigation
At Better Choice Inspectors, we prioritize thorough foundation inspections, basement inspections, and crawlspace inspections to complement our comprehensive wind mitigation assessment.

Our goal is to provide homeowners with valuable insights and suggestions to enhance their property’s safety and resilience against wind-related risks while potentially qualifying for insurance discounts.

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